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About Justine Faragasso

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I have always been an artist. Growing up in the late 1990's and early 2000's in New York,  I was influenced by alternative rock and roll music. As the internet exploded I began to surf the web and I became fascinated with music, performing and visual art. As a young teenager I would take my family's old magazines and re create my own print advertisements. I had no idea that a simple creative idea would lead me down the road of graphic design. I was able to advance my photography, painting, and illustration skills. My designs and art started out as edgy and abstract. After continuing my education I have been able to refine my techniques in creating professional designs for all types of businesses. 

I studied at Full Sail University during the 2020 pandemic. I was able to obtain my bachelors degree in Graphic Design Online. Through my experience at Full Sail I was able to create branding campaigns which lasted over 3 months at a time. I am well experienced in Adobe Creative Suite especially Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Dreamweaver, XD and InDesign.  I specialize in branding, print and advertising designs. 

My main objective is to work hand in hand with the client bringing their idea to life. The best way to get people to click or to search for your business is by intriguing their minds with strong visual designs. 

Please feel free to explore my site and look at previous projects! Enjoy! 

               - Justine Faragasso

For inquiries on project collaboration, print designs, web designs, UX/UI, photo retouching or page layout please feel free to contact me here!

Contact Me!


Phone: (917) 525-3611


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